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A unique collectible item in the world: Real Queen Luxury Edition

It is the jewel of Real Queen's crown.

Entirely made of pure olive wood by the hands of our trusted craftsmen with attention to the smallest details. A precious wood brought back to life in a unique collector's item.

The Xylella Fastidiosa emergency that hit oil producers has put an end to the life cycle of many olive trees, necessary for the environment and for human beings. For this reason, we chose this precious material for our Luxury editions. Very pleasant to touch and naturally made to last over time, this wood becomes an important piece of furniture, a gift from nature to the living environment of those who are going to buy a copy.

Each of the 99 game boards (limited and enumerated edition) is finely hand-branded and enriched with a silver label engraved with the name of the lucky owner.

The Luxury marbles are the flagship of a version which feels like a daydream: pure Murano glass (Venice), specifically manufactured for this prestigious option by the art of local master glassmakers.

Real Queen Luxury Edition is more than a board game. This object is made to its value over time since it is unique, inimitable, proof of pure craftsmanship and Italian culture.


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