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Prepare your strategy and anticipate your opponent

Real Queen is a simple and light but strategically intense and exciting game

Compared to the game of Chess, Real Queen is a valid alternative, for those who want a more playful and less complicated approach to the game.


The game is designed for two players facing each other
Each move is carefully thought out and considered, but with an exciting and fluctuating rhythm of play, where you are never sure that you have won, because one last move can change the fate of the game.


You win by merit!
If you win, you win by merit, if you lose, you lose or by distraction or because you are "trapped" by your opponent. In any case, the desire for revenge is great and is also favored by the speed of execution of each game, which lasts 15 minutes on average.

The shapes, materials and colored glass of the marbles make Real Queen a refined design object


More than just a game, it is a refined element made to attract the attention of your guests


The set of concentration, strategy and ability to predict the opponent's moves. Prepare for a challenge that activates your whole mind.


The Attack Marble is the small marble, the first to enter the game. Its goal is to breach the opponent's defense and aim straight at the opponent's Marbles Queen, to conquer her and win the game.


The game takes place on the game board, a support composed by 49 hollows. Get ready to surprise friends and relatives with a new, original and fun game. Focus, observe and execute your strategy: thanks to Real Queen, fun reaches every level.


The Marbles Queen is the big one. It represents the fundamental point of contention, hence, the most valuable marble. It enters the game either for strategy, as it conquers twice as many marbles for each line, or because, once the other marbles are finished, it is the last one available. Mind the trap though! If a Real combination invades its Castle Area, the Real conquers the Marbles Queen, imprisons her and the game is over!


The marbles holder is like a bench where marbles wait to play.

Composed by hollows of different shapes, this support is the ideal place to store all your marbles and those conquered at the expense of your opponent. The central hollow stands for the throne of your Marbles Queen and becomes also the opposing one's prison if conquered.


In the Regular version of the game, the box is highly appreciated by players, because it perfectly contains all the components for fun and exciting games. The compact and essential aesthetic overlays are the result of a careful design study and are protected by an international patent.

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