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The ancient charm of marbles in a new surprising and fun game

If you like abstract games like Checkers or Chess this game will amaze you!
The game is designed for two players facing each other. Each move is carefully thought out and thought through, with a compelling and fluctuating pace of play, where you are never sure if you won, because one last move can change the fate of the game.

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Leonardo Catano lives in Modugno, the metropolitan city of Bari, in the Puglia region, in southern Italy. Currently it carries out the activity of national import and distribution of games and tableware items. The attention to the world of games and contact with the world's largest glass marbles manufacturer were the inspiration for the new Real Queen board game.


Watch the video interview:

Leonardo Catano, l'inventore di Real Queen

What will your strategy be?

Real Queen console di gioco

I'm Betty Queen,

I'm the mascot of your new favorite board game!


Discover the rules of the game, prepare your best strategy and prepare to win with Real Queen !

Real Queen is a simple board game,

fast and elegant ...

It has the noble aspect with Chess, in this case instead of a King, we have a Castle (Area) and a Queen to conquer, which is identified in the Biglia Queen.

Its Castle is made up of a sensitive area surrounding the Biglia Queen itself.
Penetrating the Castle Area with a winning combination means winning the game and conquering the opponent's Biglia Queen!
Le Biglie Real Queen

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