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Organize a Real Queen event near you!

In recent months we have had the opportunity and pleasure of meeting the Real Queen community during various public occasions; each time it was an opportunity to meet and create very useful relationships to increase interest in the Real Queen project but also to consolidate the human relationships that bind us.

Over the next few months we want to emulate the success already achieved during previous events with a new calendar of events useful for meeting new people and increasingly growing the community of people who appreciate and play Real Queen.

Do you want to organize a Real Queen event in your city?

Organizing an event with us is easy and fun.

Let's talk about it and let's make your idea come true! We have experimented with different types of themed event days, from the actual tournament in comic shops and toy shops to promotional days in public contexts, even outdoors in squares and parks.

Organizing a Real Queen event is an opportunity to get to know each other and make yourself known to the entire community of people who are passionate about board games but not only.

Real Queen is a new, fun and challenging game that engages people of all ages.

Its rules and game dynamics are intuitive and easy to memorize; this allows you to start playing straight away without needing long learning times.

The matches are fast and dynamic, and this makes Real Queen a playable game even in summer, on vacation and why not ... even on the beach!

Have you attended one of our events and want to organize one in your city?

Wherever you are, contact us and tell us about your idea and your location.

We will contact you shortly to evaluate together what type of event (tournament or promotional) we can organize to bring the Real Queen community to your city.

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