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Betty Queen

Bye! I'm Betty Queen and I'm the mascot of your new favorite board game

On this page I will guide you through the main basic moves to start playing and training until I reveal all the most advanced secrets to compose your winning combinations.

The game is made up of 21 marbles (20 smaller, called Attack Marble + a larger one called Queen Marble), a board with 49 grooves and two marble tablets. Are you ready to start battling and win as many opposing marbles as possible? Follow me!

Conquer the opponent's marbles

... and conquer its Castle Area!
Take advantage of the evolutions foreseen during the battles and bring the colorful variant marbles into play with Dragons, Fairies, Robot Heroes and Aliens for a colorful and super fun battle!

Discover the Marbles Variant

Discover the game elements of  #RealQueenGame 


The game is designed for two players facing each other. Every move is carefully thought and thought out, with a thrilling and fluctuating pace of play, where you are never sure if you have won, because one last move can change the fate of the game.


You win by merit!
If you win, you win by merit, if you lose, you lose either by distraction or because "trapped" by the opponent. In any case, the desire for revenge is great and is also favored by the speed of execution of each match, which on average lasts 15 minutes.


Simple to learn, Real Queen is perfect for playing at any age: the only variables are the experience and strategic ability of each player, to predict and anticipate the opponent's moves.


Real Queen is a simple and light but strategically intense and addicting game.
​ Compared to the game of Chess, Real Queen is a valid alternative, for those who want a more playful and less complicated approach to the game.

Collect the Variant Marbles

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