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Their strength is unparalleled, thanks to their robotic armor they are able to field defense strategies worthy of the most important battle missions between giants.
Cool, calculating and always focused on completing the mission to conquer the opposing Marble Queen, the Robot Heroes will be your choice if all that matters to you is to win!

Valecnik: He is the most imposing of the Robot Heroes. Its destructive force is unmatched, it makes the opponent's attack marbles tremble at every step. Difficult to resist its impetuous attacks.

Krieger: Fast, agile and cunning, it has all the characteristics for the perfect robot! Its action is always immediate and difficult to predict.

Satory: The warrior robot! Careful strategist, his approach to battle is always military and aimed exclusively at winning the game. A soldier you can count on, against every opponent.

Ciberlitch: It is the most technological of robots. Equipped with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence systems, it calculates every possible variable to minimize the risk of defeat.



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