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Elements of the Game

One table, infinite combinations


The game's equipment consists of two series of 21 colored marbles, 20 smaller ones called Attack Marble and a larger one called Queen Marble; a Game Board and two Marble Boards, used to contain the marbles to be played and those stolen from the opponent.

The whole game takes place on the level of strategy and intuition.
The higher the level of concentration, the more likely you are to predict and anticipate the opponent's moves.

elementi di gioco real queen.jpg

In addition to Real and Real Queen, special or rare moves can occur during the game, divided into two categories: SUPER REAL and DOUBLE REAL.
SUPER REALS consist of up to six consecutive Attack Marbles and are regulated as follows:

Special Moves: Super Real

The presence of the Queen Marble in a Super Real generates a SUPER REAL QUEEN, which, with the same Return Marbles, allows you to conquer an extra Attack Marble!

Special Moves: Double Real

DOUBLE REALs are those combinations consisting of a crossing of two Reals, made in a single move. They are regulated as follows:

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