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Four magical fairies, they are the most cunning creatures in Betty Queen's kingdom!
They are said to have the ability to read the opponent's mind, defeating every strategy and anticipating the moves of the contenders. What we know for sure is that Aura, Cira, Clara and Vila are formidable opponents for any team ... they always have the right spell to turn the game in their favor.

Aura: Sweet as a candy and as colorful as a tropical fruit, its seemingly harmless appearance is a true double-edged sword! Thanks to his speed and ability to charm the opponent, he manages to dominate the game with unpredictable moves!

Cira: Intelligence and insight are his main qualities thanks to which he manages to score winning combinations. Her marbles appear and disappear in any position on the board ... she is the most magical fairy in the kingdom.

Clara: Strength, power and great speed are its characteristics. His moves are fast indeed very fast, he confuses the opponent with decisive flashes e difficult to guess ... following his movements with the naked eye is practically impossible.

Vila: An enchanting fairy, expert in oriental magic and the realm of nature! His playground is the forest, he possesses the intuition of animals and the wisdom of plants. With a fighter like this by your side, you have to enjoy the show!


FAIRIES marbles