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Board games perfect for the holidays: the beauty of playing together

The Christmas period is par excellence the one most linked to the idea of ​​conviviality, sharing of time and space and board games! In reality, these are customs that contain much more than simple conventions. Carving out spaces and moments to dedicate to ourselves and to others allows us to consolidate relationships, establish new bonds and exchange affective confirmations that are important for us and for others.

Board games help a lot in this and are the quintessential symbol of winter party afternoons spent with family or friends. With Christmas and the holidays just around the corner, today we share with you a selection of board games perfect for spending time together having fun and training your mind, for all tastes!

Fun and mental Christmas board games

Are you a lover of creative arts? Does your imagination always travel at high speed? You will love Dixit! Each illustrated card is the beginning of a story, each time new, completely invented by the players who take turns playing the role of narrator. Few people know that Dixit was born from an idea of ​​a child psychiatrist (Jean-Louis Roubira) who initially used it for therapeutic purposes until it evolved into a board game.

Ingenuity and speed of thought are the cornerstones of another more than famous board game, Taboo. Each player must use turns of words (but pay attention to the terms to choose) to make his team guess the word indicated on his card without, of course, naming it in the first person. The games are dynamic and fast because the time factor in Taboo is decisive for winning or losing every game.

For fans of the more classic and abstract games, two monuments to the board game industry are checkers and chess. Board games involving only two players are a real night-saving alternative in case not everyone is interested in getting involved in team games like the ones mentioned above. Having a chessboard at hand can always prove to be a winning move to guarantee an evening of fun even for those who prefer abstract games, with longer times and more thoughtful games.

An optimal middle ground, for example, is represented by our ravolo game RealQueen which incorporates the strategic ability and the speed of analysis and reflection with the pleasure of a very mental and reflective board game, without losing the fun! Two teams of marbles challenge each other move after move to put in succession winning combinations and capable of weakening the opposing defenses until they capture the Queen Marble and imprison it in their Castle Area.

This Christmas is particularly important for us because it is the first during which we can enter your home with our new board game recently on the market.

Discover the video presentation of the game by Miss Meeple and buy your package (even a gift!) Directly from our website or at the retailer closest to your home.


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