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Easter 2022 Promotion: Play RealQueen and receive Betty Queen!

The RealQueen adventure never stops! Many people are discovering this new board game and are joining our online community. RealQueen is a game that amazes at every level. From the aesthetic point of view for the quality of its materials and the refinement of the design, from the playful point of view because it stimulates the mind in different ways and at the same time.

Starting to play is very easy and it is difficult to stop because every game is an exciting confrontation with the opponent, with his mind and his strategic calculation skills. And each of these abilities increases from game to game because if it is true that the brain is an organ, it is equally true that as such it can be stimulated, trained and improved.

We strongly believe in our project and we want to expand the community of people who are passionate about and play RealQueen more and more. This is why we have thought of an exclusive promo for the Easter period.

We have created a limited edition and high quality gadget: the Betty Queen insulated bottle! Made of top quality stainless steel, with double internal wall to promote optimal thermal insulation and cap with hermetic closure to move in complete safety.

From 10 March to 30 April 2022, for each RealQueen pack you purchase, you will receive a free BettyQueen insulated bottle! And the promotion is also valid in all physical stores that join the RealQueen sales network.

The BettyQueen bottle is perfect for holding both hot and cold liquids and thanks to its double-walled technology it is able to keep the temperature hot or cold for up to 12 hours. We thought of a gadget that could be beautiful to show but also useful to use. Being a perfect product for reuse, the BettyQueen thermal bottle is an excellent alternative to plastic bottles with a consequent benefit for the planet but also for all its inhabitants.

This is a limited edition! This is why the promotion is valid while stocks last.

Buy your pack of RealQueen today both online and in one of the participating stores, start training your mind with a game that is good for you and your free time and immediately receive your free BettyQueen insulated bottle!

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