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Fun and sharing: the Real Queen Millennium Tournament was a real success

Sunday, February 26, the most awaited Tournament by the enthusiasts of our board game was held. Many boys and girls met in the Lino Cavallo room of the Palazzo del Comune di Modugno for a challenge to the last ball that thrilled participants and the public.

From the morning with the qualifying phase until the afternoon with the semi-finals and finals, we spent a day together in the name of sharing space and time for a fun, flowing and truly exciting event.

The two winners (Cesare for the Junior category and Miriam for the Senior category) challenged each other in a further final match which decreed Miriam Absolute Winner of the Tournament.

An opportunity for discussion, fun but also healthy competition that marked each game (regardless of the outcome) with a solemn handshake between contenders, because Real Queen is above all this: fun, sharing and challenge first of all with oneself.

We thank all the people who participated in the event, the Municipality of Modugno for sponsoring the tournament and Councilor Antonio Alfonsi for immediately believing in our project and for his willingness to help us bring it even closer to the local community .

Stay up to date with our official channels to find out about all the news related to the Real Queen world (including upcoming event dates...)


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