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MOH Modugno Comic Con 2023: Real Queen present as a project and board game

On September 3, 2023, the city of Modugno was pervaded by an atmosphere of fun and pop culture thanks to the MOH Modugno Comic Con event, the Festival of comics and the playful world. Sponsored by the Municipality of Modugno, this event provided, among other things, an extraordinary meeting opportunity for young people and board game enthusiasts of all ages.

Inside the suggestive Palazzo della Cultura, a large group of participants immersed themselves in the universe of board games, competing and having fun with various playful challenges. Among the various proposals, our Real Queen shone, captivating the participants with her best-known version but not only.

On this occasion, two new prototypes were presented that captured everyone's attention. The distinguishing feature of these new prototypes was the wooden game board, a detail that added a touch of elegance and authenticity to the game. The good news for fans is that it will be possible to buy this special version of the game soon, further updates will be communicated in the coming weeks.

Also on this occasion the Real Queen games involved a wide range of participants, from the youngest to adults, and even some cosplayers who completely immersed themselves in the atmosphere of the game. There were many people who had the opportunity to discover the Real Queen game for the first time, once again testifying to the important role that events such as the MOH Modugno Comic Con play in introducing new gaming experiences and new leisure experiences for the Modugnese public.

From our point of view (both as participants and as players) the MOH Modugno Comic Con 2023 was an important success above all thanks to the enthusiastic participation of players always ready to give new ideas and development ideas to our project. We can't wait to see what the next event has in store for us... thank you all for playing with us!


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