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Real Queen Christmas Tournament 2023: play with your heart for a noble cause

Friends of Real Queen, get ready to experience an extraordinary event: the "Real Queen Christmas Tournament 2023" will be held on Sunday 17 December in Modugno, from 9.30am to 6.00pm. This unique event will not only be an opportunity to meet again and challenge each other in exciting games of our favorite board game but will also have a noble charitable purpose.

This year, drawing on the experience of the last edition, we wanted to aim even higher and do good in a more important way from a social point of view. As the people who follow us most assiduously will know, from this year Real Queen has entered into a non-profit collaboration with the APLETI non-profit association (Apulian Association for the Fight against Childhood Blood Diseases and Cancers) of Bari. On the occasion of the Tournament Christmas 2023, all proceeds deriving from participation fees and from the sale of game boxes will be entirely donated to the Association.

An initiative that we embrace with great joy, sure of your warm participation!

Being part of this tournament means actively contributing to a noble cause, supporting the fight against diseases that affect children in our area.

Like every Real Queen event, there will be great prizes up for grabs!

Whoever finishes in first place will win a 150 euro voucher, second place will receive a 100 euro voucher and third place will receive a 50 euro voucher.

A real opportunity to test your gaming skills, have fun being together and, at the same time, contribute to an important cause.

Registrations for the Real Queen Christmas Tournament 2023 are open and can be made by filling out the form directly on the official game website

Stay in touch with our official channels for further information, we are waiting for you!

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