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Real Queen Game Luxury Limited Edition

When I started designing Real Queen I thought about the best way to make the gaming experience as pleasant as possible, not only from the point of view of the playability as an end in itself but also from the sensorial point of view.

I thought about all the features that make a game session pleasant, a moment of rest or relaxation with family or friends.

For this reason, I wanted to pay particular attention to all those sensory characteristics that, in my opinion, accompany an experience of pleasant sensations and useful for achieving a pleasant moment of play and leisure. On the other hand, as a fan of marbles, I looked for ways to make the experience of a game of Real Queen even more unique, but also the game itself.

I designed the packaging, the tablet and the marbles in detail and in three variants, one of which is of particular value: the Luxury Limited Edition.

I wanted to use exclusive materials that were able to give the whole game a special palatability by collectors and enthusiasts of unique objects in the world but at the same time who were able to talk about roots and culture, Apulian she is Italian.

What better element than olive wood and Murano glass? I chose these two elements with the support and with the advice of local master craftsmen who advised me on the best way to create a valuable work. I traveled from my Puglia to Murano to select the best materials as I had imagined them, as they must be for a limited edition (only 99 pieces), numbered, branded and accompanied by a silver plate with the name engraved on it of the lucky owner. Real Queen Luxury Limited Edition is an object of value and collection that can not be missing in the living room of the true fan of board games. I loved to produce it, you will love to show it.

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