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Real Queen Game Regular Black Edition

A version designed for lovers of minimal style, dark and elegant colors.

When I designed the Real Queen gaming tablet I thought of something that could combine gaming comfort in a space of action large enough to make the experience always pleasant but also to the way to occupy as little space as possible and in an intelligent way.

Thus was born the box format as you know it. In the Regular Black Edition, the entire game platform can be closed in a practical box with a transparent slide closure and on two levels, one for storing the tablet with the 49 grooves and the other for hosting the marbles tablets complete with Marbles, Attack and Marbles. Queen.

For the construction material I chose ABS, a light but very durable and resistant material, very pleasant to the touch and opaque. The marbles are all in glass, perfectly polished to guarantee an always relaxing, pleasant and comfortable playing experience.

The Regular Black Edition version is perfect as a piece of furniture for your living room or reading room, solid and compact will not go unnoticed among your guests.


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