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Real Queen in schools with the Dante Alighieri Tournament in Modugno

We anticipated it at the end of 2022 that 2023 would be the year of the community, moments of meeting and above all of challenge between Real Queen players and players. And in this first semester it was exactly like this. We have participated in public events such as trade fairs and local appointments but we have also organized many gaming opportunities among the many people who have approached our reality.

Our adventure within schools began in December 2022 (on the occasion of the launch of the Real Queen project for Modugno Millenaria) and today we are delighted to have brought Real Queen into Modugno school contexts for two reasons: the first is obviously attributable to the notoriety that our project has gained from it and the second is the one with which we are really happy. Real Queen was born as a board game with more noble purposes than a simple playful stimulus. It's a fun way to train the mind to strategically solve logical problems but also to maintain concentration in the here and now.

Seeing boys and girls try their hand at every game with so much passion, attention and dedication has filled us with pride on every occasion. The final of the tournament took place on 9 June in the Dante Alighieri middle school which, in the presence of Professor Mariani and the creator of the Game Leonardo Catano, saw the boys and girls who ranked first in the preliminary challenges.

A challenge to the last ball between the finalists Giuseppe and Cesare who decreed the latter as the winner of the 2023 school tournament.

Congratulations to all for having participated with such enthusiasm, appointment in September?

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