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Real Queen: marbles what a passion!

As we announced last week, the development and production about our new board game Real Queen is proceeding fast!

We have already received the first order of glass marbles that you will find inside each pack of the game, all in the finest glass, you cannot stop holding them in your hand!

Marbles: play, passion and collection

The history of glass marbles begins in Germany, in the Thuringia region, between the mid-nineteenth century and 1910. Hand-made marbles are still the object of attention by the most attentive collectors in the sector even if they are not really suitable for game on flat surfaces. This is because, unlike the mechanically produced marbles, the handcrafted marbles have two “pinches” at the two poles, due to the glass cutting process.

In the nineties, the production and sale of marbles was widespread and successful. Among the most famous and recognizable, the corckscrews, are the glass marbles crossed by a spiral of color generally in contrast with the main color of the marble.

Are you curious to discover the quality and beauty of the marbles contained in Real Queen? Stay up to date with our social channels to not miss all the news related to the launch of the new all-Italian board game.

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