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Real Queen: new board games for September 2021, discover unboxing!

Four years of planning, research and testing for a start of which we are delighted, excited and proud. Real Queen, the new strategic and fun board game, is finally available online and soon also at the points of sale in your city.

We are preparing many new features for all people who love board games but also for those who enter this world and our game for the first time. For us it is a point of arrival but also of a new beginning, we have many ideas and programs to make our project known to as many people as possible but not only ... We can't wait to reveal all the news!

In the meantime, let's start with the official presentations and the first complete unboxing.

Let's start with the box. We have chosen to prioritize the details that matter with an ethical and sustainable choice of production materials. On each package you will find the FSC brand, an ethically recognized logo, which indicates that all the packaging of the Real Queen game is made with paper and cardboard from properly managed forests, in the context of safeguarding the forest heritage.

Upon your first opening you will find two illustrated booklets complete with Rules of the Game and Argumentative Presentation with our mascot Betty Queen.

Immediately below, you will find your toy box. It is a box made of opaque ABS material and equipped with a transparent slide that holds all the components of the game. Just slide the slide along one side of the box to access the complete content with:

- Your Real Queen game board

- The two marble tablets

- Your Queen Rooster Marble (red)

- Your 20 Rooster Attack Marbles (red)

- Your Queen Sky Marble (blue)

- Your Sky Attack Marbles (blue)

We have designed and produced this new board game without compromising on quality and thinking about how to ensure maximum comfort and gaming experience. The thought that will soon arrive in your hands excites and intrigues us at the same time. Real Queen is available starting September 2021 at and soon also at the theme stores in your city.

Share your impressions / experiences / suggestions with us through your favorite social platforms using the hashtag #RealQueen.

Stay up to date with us to discover all the news we are about to announce!

... in the meantime, don't miss a single minute of fun, click the button below to buy your Real Queen box right awa


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