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Real Queen "of the Millennium" tournament: rules and participation

On February 26, 2023, the First Real Queen "del Millennium" tournament will be held in the "Lino Cavallo" hall of the Modugno Town Hall starting at 9:30.

Below we share the regulation for the participation and conduct of the entire event.

9:30 am: Registration and payment of participation fees (€10 per person to compete in the Senior category and €5 per person to compete in the Junior category).

10:00 am: Start of the Tournament. PART 1 – TOURNAMENT STRUCTURE

1. The tournament has a maximum number of 32 participants divided into two categories: JUNIOR under the age of 18 and SENIOR over the age of 18.

2. We will therefore have a maximum number of 16 participants per category, coming from possible selections if necessary.

3. Many groups of 4 players will therefore be made for each category. The composition of the groups will be decided by drawing lots. The players will face each other in the group with a single match.

4. The best two of each group will continue the tournament. They will be decided by: number of victories, with equal victories, type of victory (Winning Real or Winning Real Queen which is worth double); in the further case of a tie, the sum of the number of Attack marbles won in the various matches will determine the passage. In case of further tie: draw.

5. Subsequently, knockout matches will be determined. To pass the round it will be necessary to win two games out of three.

6. At the end of the various elimination rounds, we will have a winner for both categories and a final match with the direct confrontation between the two players, which will decide the final winner of the tournament.


1. Each player has 15 minutes to finish the game. The player who exceeds the time limit allowed loses the game.

2. In the event that all balls have been played and the game is in an obvious "deadlock" situation, the player must notify the referee. In this case, the arbiter will ask the players to subtract three marbles from their own on the game board, which will "lighten" the game and favor its conclusion.

3. The player who arrives at the match more than 30 minutes late automatically loses the game.

4. If a large is touched by the player during a move, the move must be completed. It is not possible to change the play and move. Penalty admonition.

5. All the moves to capture and return the balls must be made using the same hand.

6. In case of illegal moves, the referee will issue a warning. At the third booking, the player will automatically lose the game.

7. Mobile phones and communication devices of any kind must remain switched off for the entire duration of matches. Any infractions cause a warning.


The respective category winners will face each other in a further match which will decide the "Absolute Winner" of the Tournament.

At the end of the event, the winners will be declared:

First Classified Junior Category (€ 250 prize in Amazon voucher)

First Classified Senior Category (€ 250 prize in Amazon voucher)

Absolute Winner (250€ prize in Amazon voucher)

For more information, you can contact the organization at or by phone (also via WhatsApp) at +39 335 536 1674


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