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Real Queen: The updated manual is available now

Real Queen is the board game that combines infinite game possibilities; the more you engage in exciting games, the more you discover ever new and unpredictable sequences and dynamics. Starting to play is really simple and intuitive, it only takes a few minutes and anyone who approaches the first games is able to progress in the game with increasingly evolved moves.

This is why, thanks to the fundamental help of many players, we have updated the first version of the game manual by adding new evolutions and even more powerful moves.

Who first plays the Queen Marble ... first conquer!

When it comes to bringing the Biglia Queen to the field, everyone has their own strategy.

There are those who prefer to use it as the last possible move for a slower but more prudent game tactics, while those who choose to put it on the field immediately risking more the outcome of the game but disorienting the opponent and scoring more powerful and in able to weaken more heavily the array of opposing attack marbles.

Within the new updated manual, we decided to reward a lot of courage and spirit of adventure by introducing a new rule: The player who first plays the Queen Marble, rightfully subtracts any Attack Marble from the Game Board from the opponent.

And for the more advanced combinations (but also for the simplest ones) we have included a summary scheme of all the combinations tested so far.

From your first Real to your epic Double Real Queen, you will always know how many opponent marbles you can subtract and how many return marbles to replenish within your availability.

The new updated manual and the combination summary scheme are now available on the Rules page of our website, also in download to keep them always at hand wherever a Real Queen match is in progress.


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