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Real Queen Tournament during "Natale in Gioco 2023" in Altamura: competition and presentation of the Wood version is now available!

Board game fans had the opportunity to play Real Queen.
Christmas in Game in Altamura

On December 30, 2023 we participated in the third edition of "Natale in Gioco" in Altamura. A moment of celebration during which board game enthusiasts had the opportunity to participate in our Tournament thanks to the organization of Muracrea aps and MuraPlay (Cultural Play Space). The evening was characterized by moments of intense competition, conviviality and marked by an important occasion: the presentation of the new WOOD version of Real Queen.

The careful and passionate organization made the Real Queen Tournament one of the highlights of the event, attracting players of all ages and skill levels.

La nuova versione WOOD di Real Queen, caratterizzata da un design elegante ed esclusivo, con il  tavoliere completamente realizzato in legno.
Real Queen Wood

The most anticipated news of the evening was the presentation of the new WOOD version of Real Queen. Characterized by an elegant and exclusive design, the board completely made of wood won the attention of all participants. The silk-screen printing of the logo, with attention to the smallest details, gave the game a touch of refinement which made the gaming experience even more pleasant.


The presence of many people from different areas contributed to creating a lively and engaging event. Many participants had the opportunity to discover Real Queen for the first time, experiencing its dynamism, speed of learning and appreciating its unique combination of strategy and problem solving skills.

The organizers, Muracrea aps and MuraPlay, have once again demonstrated their dedication in offering high quality experiences to the community of Altamura and its surroundings. The "Natale in Gioco" event has consolidated its reputation as an unmissable event and has contributed to spreading the gaming culture in the area.

The Real Queen Tournament during the third edition of "Natale in Gioco" in Altamura was an unforgettable experience that combined fun, competition and elegance. A round of applause to the organizers and participants who made this event a success and who helped promote the passion for board games in the local community.

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