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Real Queens and APLETI - A Noble Game for a Noble Cause

Apleti e Real Queen

The Made in Puglia board game not only entertains but stimulates strategic, concentration and problem-solving skills. This article is dedicated to a special collaboration between Real Queen and the Puglia Association for the Fight against Childhood Haemopathies and Cancers (APLETI).

Together, we are giving life to a unique and noble project, with the aim of making the world a better place for the boys and girls (but also for their families) hosted at the Complex Operational Unit of Pediatric Oncohematology of the Polyclinic of Bari.

Our Commitment

Over the years, Real Queen has promoted numerous events and initiatives in the area, participating in various themed fairs and actively involving schools. We have established significant collaborations with national influencers in the board games sector, such as Miss Meeple (Sara Trecate, digital creator and industry influencer) and we have organized exciting tournaments with rich prizes, obtaining the patronage of the Municipality of Modugno for all our local events.

We like to define Real Queen as "The Noble Game", noble like the goal we pursue with determination to support the most needy people.

Last year, through a donation on the occasion of the tournament organized for the anniversary of Modugno Millenaria, we helped Modugno families with boys and girls suffering from rare diseases. This year, we wish to continue our mission with a new project and with great enthusiasm.

Real Queen and APLETI: together for a noble cause

In collaboration with APLETI (Apulian Association for the Fight against Childhood Haemopathies and Cancers), starting from this year, our commitment will be twofold. Not only will we donate part of the proceeds of the events we organize, but we will also become active witnesses of their important mission.

During our events and visits to schools, we will talk about the important work done by APLETI, spreading awareness and support for the fight against childhood blood disorders and cancers.

Join us

The collaboration between Real Queen and APLETI is a step towards a better future for boys and girls who face these great challenges. With your support, we can make this project even more meaningful.

Stay up to date with the Real Queen world through our official channels, participating in our events, and helping us support those in need of special help.

By joining us in this noble cause you will do your part to make the world a better place.

Real Queen - The Noble Game, for a noble cause.


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