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They come from another planet and perhaps also from another era ... future!
Their intelligence is unearthly and they are capable of implementing strategies that are difficult to guess and unhinge. They are experts in alien technology and by reading the interstellar constellations, they are able to build planetary alignments on the board ... until the winning move!
Aquaticus, Earthicus, Phyro and Windstorm are your ideal playmates if you want to play your game with a fun ... from another planet!



Fluid like water, she changes its shape and appearance to turn every situation to its advantage. It is useless to try to memorize its game strategy, it changes with each game like everything that belongs to it.



It is immovable in its calm and concreteness. He studies every move down to the smallest detail and leaves nothing to chance ... or almost! Its strong point is its great ability to concentrate and analyze, catching it by surprise with an unexpected move is almost impossible.



It is pure instinct, his game strategy suddenly flares up, burning the opponent's game over time. His strategy is always fast and immediate, he doesn't allow time for big second thoughts… with Phyro all that matters is to burn the defense with attack shots!



Impetuous and capable of moving even the most solid barriers of the opposing Castle Area. Its strategy is like a wind capable of blowing strongly against each opponent's attack ball until it stops its movement, encircles it and captures it.

ALIENS marbles