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Four legendary creatures ready to heat the board. Earthquake, Fire Blaze, Frostblast and Thunderstorm are your ideal playmates if you bet everything on the overwhelming energy of a dragon.

Earthquake : The game board prepares to shake upon his arrival… it's Earthquake!
A real earthquake of energy coming from the bowels of the earth is ready to destabilize any strategy with a shot of colorful marbles!

Fire Blaze : the Dragon par excellence! Fire Blaze is a true indomitable fire-breathing, melting all defenses with destructive tongues of fire.
He's your dragon if your strategy is the disruptive unpredictability of fire.

Frost Blast : Ready for a wave of frost? With Frostblast the winning strategy is a wave of ice that makes every opponent's move slippery and freezes the defenses of the contender.
It is useless to try to warm up the game board… with Frostblast every move is a thrill!

Thunder Storm : A thunder storm precedes its arrival in the game, it's Thunderstorm!
The game board trembles with every move, defeating the opponent's moves with a deafening roar that comes from afar to make the opponent's castle area creak.

DRAGONS marbles


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